Our Unique Consultative Approach

Before We Get Started - Let's Talk

Our consultative approach is part of the unique value we bring to every client.

The first vital step in our relationship will be a consultative discussion about how you do business. Whether you’re just getting started, or have been operating for years, there are things you do and things you need that are different from other businesses.

At Office Edge Coral Gables, we’ve learned through experience that we can provide you the very best support possible when we understand your business needs.

  • What marketing tools do you use?
  • Do you run ad campaigns?
  • Does your business have peaks and valleys?
  • Is it affected by seasonality?
  • Who are your customers and how do you find them?
  • Is the bulk of your business conducted online, by phone, or by mail?
  • Do you sell services, products, or both?
  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • How do you measure success?

As part of our unique consultative approach, we’ll sketch out decision trees and flow charts during our discussion with you, to capture facts about your business that may seem incidental to you — but that can help us customize a service package that is perfect for your business.

And as your business grows, we can add, remove, or change services as needed to ensure your convenience, productivity, and success.

Why Our Consultation is Important

Here’s how our consultative approach works.

As one example of how your business may differ from others, let’s say you run an advertising or direct mail campaign at the end of each quarter.  By knowing this, we’re able to prepare for the volume of incoming calls you anticipate, create records of those calls, transfer leads per your instructions, and do it smoothly and seamlessly.  No opportunity is lost, and often our value-add will help generate a sale.

We know from experience that our consultative approach works, preventing false starts and wasted time and delivering the best opportunity for your complete success.

It’s one of many ways that Office Edge Coral Gables is better for your business.  We proven it to hundreds of clients.  Try us, and we’ll prove it to you.

Contact us at 305.777.0200 or Sales@OECoralGables.com to get started.  The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll have the edge.